A downloadable tool for Windows and Android

Tool (unreal) to test the F.O.V. (Field of vision) of any Oculus-SteamVR compatible visor. It's an early beta, so don't expect an AAA app. (I've just tested it with the Rift, but It must work will all other headsets)

Instructions are pretty much self-explanatory: teletransport to any of the points of interest and the test will begin. For the Horizontal and vertical test, and in order to keep everybody at the same 0 coordinates, the app will LOCK your view until you press the (r) trigger to exit the mode.

The other tests are a text to read, Snellen acuity test, color charts, a lens test and a Glare test.

***** There is a SteamVR workshop Enviroment too where you can share the experience with other mulplayers.  *******


UPDATE: Version for the Oculus GO & GearVR (For GearVR you must sign the APK before installing it... I mean, add the OSIG to the file)

More to come... and feel free to give some feedback!


rov_test_02b.rar 69 MB
rov_test_GO_01b.rar 43 MB

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